Saturday, November 3, 2012

What is Morality?

Oxford Dictionary: Moral science, Moral principles, Points of ethics, Particular systems of morals, Degree of conformity to moral principles

What is meaning of "Moral" (adjective) : Concerned with goodness or badness of character or disposition, Dealing with the distinction between right and wrong, Virtuous in general conduct

Moral courage: to meet contempt etc. rather than abandon right course of action
Moral cowardice: fear of others' disapproval

Morality is being interpreted in different ways by different people. Some view it as related to God and Religion.

Some view it good or bad from an individual's personal benefit of view.

Some view it as good or bad for the society. In Sociology, morals are prescribed by the society for the benefit of the society. This view is reflected in the dictionary meaning given for moral courage and moral cowardice.

Very interesting detailed account of morality and religion in Western Philosophy

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