Saturday, February 18, 2017

Values to be Promoted to Promote and Strengthen Democracy

In the concept of culture, values change behavior. Values are ends and means which are actively promoted in a society.  We visualize a large number of values in promotion in a society at a point time. Some may be related family life, some to education, some to economic activities that include entrepreneurship and employment. Some are related to political activities also. In this note, I want to write about values that are to be promoted to promote and strengthen democracy.

The motivation to write this note has come from a comment that I made in FaceBook to a post of Mr. Sajid Khan.

"In a democracy, a quick acceptance of the election result is necessary and then the effort has to be to stop illegal and ill advised actions of the elected government. People should not hate government. They have to enter into dialogue with the government. No more hate language. It is ok during elections. The tongues who are made pungent during elections have to be made sweet now.

People have to follow the Marathi saying after elections. Til gud khao, God bolo. Eat the sweet of til and talk sweetly. The akhaadaa will open after some time for competition once again. The practice has to be done more peacefully. Competition can be fierce."

I posted it as an independent post also afterwards and there is a comment against this entry. That made me to take up writing this entry.

At the first instance I am collecting various articles that are relevant for this project.
A good article that is discussing East Asian values and democracy.

Openness and Transparency - Pillars for Democracy, Trust and Progress
By Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General

Democratic Values — Liberty, Equality, Justice
Liberty and equality.

American Political Culture

India - Constitutional value

Culture, Democracy and Development:
The Impact of Formal and Informal Institutions on Development
By Deepak Lal
James S. Coleman Professor of International Development Studies,
University of California, Los Angeles
September 20, 1999

The renewal of social democracy and basic values

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